FMR Program

Citrus Valley Health Partners

Family Medicine Residency Program


To train highly competent family physicians to provide compassionate, innovative, comprehensive, and cost effective health care. We aspire for this care to be patient and family oriented, community focused, and evidence-based. We will provide a stimulating environment for the education of health-care professionals founded on the mission, vision, and values of Citrus Valley Health Partners and East Valley Community Health Center.

Goals and Objectives

1. Model and Sustain Excellence in Family Medicine Teaching

2. Integrate Technology and Evidence-Based Medicine into All Aspects of the Curriculum

3. Provide Quality Patient Care for Our Service Population

4. Ensure that Core Competencies Are Cornerstones of Teaching Strategies

5. Encourage High Quality Scholarship and Faculty Development

6. Model and Sustain Community Involvement / Community Service

7. Maintain a Focus on Ongoing Program Development