FMR Program

Citrus Valley Health Partners

Family Medicine Residency Program


To train highly competent family physicians to provide compassionate, innovative, comprehensive, and cost effective health care. We aspire for this care to be patient and family oriented, community focused, and evidence-based. We will provide a stimulating environment for the education of health-care professionals founded on the mission, vision, and values of Citrus Valley Health Partners and East Valley Community Health Center.

Goals and Objectives

Model and Sustain Excellence in Family Medicine Teaching

  1. Utilization of the East Valley Community Health Center as a model outpatient teaching site

  2. Faculty with diverse areas of expertise to enhance specific curricular needs

  3. An inpatient teaching service that prepares residents for the scope of hospital
    practice within family medicine

  1. Quality training experiences in the core-disciplines of internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, general surgery, psychiatry and addiction medicine, community and population health and medicine, and the various medical subspecialty disciplines that encompass the broad training of family physicians

  1. Incorporation of prevention and health promotion into all areas of patient care

  1. Incorporation of personal development opportunities to prepare residents for their future lives as family physicians

Integrate Technology and Evidence-Based Medicine into All Aspects of the Curriculum

  1. Online curriculum that provides goals, objectives and teaching resources for all residency experiences

  2. Skill acquisition for all residents in evidence-based analysis of medical literature

  3. Utilization of computer hardware and software, hand-held and desk-based, to enhance patient care and learning

  4. Utilization of Electronic Medical Record to enhance patient care

  5. Competency in computer and database searches to assist in patient care and learning

Provide Quality Patient Care for Our Service Population

  1. Maintain continuity practices for residents that encompass the full spectrum of family medicine

  2. Provision of comprehensive culturally sensitive care to the diverse populations that comprise our safety net family medicine practice at East Valley Community Health Center

  3. Provision of inpatient care that meets and exceeds the standards of our healthcare system

  4. Completion of quality assurance activities to assess the standards of care rendered in both outpatient and inpatient settings

  5. Utilization of consultants and community resources in a manner that optimizes the care of patients

Ensure that Core Competencies Are Cornerstones of Teaching Strategies

  1. Integrate core competencies into evaluation of resident experiences

  2. Develop educational programs to teach specific competency skills

  3. Develop assessment tools to measure professional development

  4. Develop objective measures of competency for evaluation of residents

Encourage High Quality Scholarship and Faculty Development

  1. Assist faculty in remaining on the cutting edge of their areas of expertise

  2. Provide faculty development programs to enhance scholarship

  3. Involve faculty in local, statewide and national educational forums that encourage academic research, presentation, and resulting publication commensurate with maintaining excellence among individual faculty members

  1. Establish national and regional faculty exchange experiences that enhance professional skills in the individual members and education within the family medicine practice, the residency program, and Citrus Valley Health Partners

Model and Sustain Community Involvement / Community Service

  1. Integrate the faculty as members of professional societies and the Citrus Valley communities

  2. Participate in the provision of CME services to our local communities

  3. Provide support for health-oriented initiatives and media presentation

  4. Provide better service to our community by being a model safety net provider. This includes patient care and advocacy defined by respect for and collaboration with people of all cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Maintain a Focus on Ongoing Program Development

  1. Commit to developing innovative curriculum emphasizing the transformation of healthcare in collaboration with our sponsoring institution. Citrus Valley Health Partners is an extraordinary model for transformation providing Lean Six Sigma training to administration and physician leadership and achieving recognition as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission.

  2. Commit to developing innovative curriculum emphasizing community benefit in collaboration with Citrus Valley Health Partners and East Valley Community Health Center, leaders in community outreach and education, community health needs assessment, implementation strategies to address priority health needs, and the evaluation of process and outcomes