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Transforming Healthcare

Citrus Valley Health Partners’mission is to “help people keep well in body, mind and spirit by providing quality health care services in a SAFE, compassionate environment.” We aim to become a high-reliability health care system where no patients are harmed by making Robust Process Improvement (RPI®) and Lean Six Sigma part of our culture and how every employee works.

In January 2014, the journey to transform health care and create a culture of safety with Robust Process Improvement (RPI®) and Lean Six Sigma began at Citrus Valley Health Partners. Partnering with the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, the organization actively educates and trains staff and physicians as Lean Agents and Certified Green Belts. Certification requires completion of Lean Six Sigma projects aimed at improving patient safety, clinical outcomes and patient experience. The projects are all genuine opportunities for improvement at CVHP identified by leadership. Projects must result in a statistically significant improvement and improvements must be sustained and monitored by the institution.

CVHP is a regional leader in the transformation to population health management (PHM) The Population Health Division of which the family medicine residency program is a part of is leading the initiative to maximize digital and virtual education, collaboration, communication and patient care. Residents will be on the forefront of new and innovative PHM initiatives that will result in 1) improved quality of healthcare services, 2) improved community health, and 3) lower healthcare costs.

Transforming Residency Education

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) recognizes the need for a physician workforce capable of meeting the challenges of a rapidly evolving health care environment.

In response, the ACGME implemented the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER). The CLER program is designed to provide teaching hospitals, medical centers, health systems, and other educational clinical settings with feedback that addresses resident education in terms of the vital importance of six focus areas:

Patient safety

Health care quality

Care transitions


Duty hours and fatigue management and mitigation


We are building a new family medicine residency program at the convergence of the CVHP journey to high reliability with the ACGME recognition that graduate medical education programs must engage and collaborate with these rapidly evolving clinical learning environments.

At CVHP, family medicine residents will participate in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training alongside growing numbers of CVHP employees. As part of a multidisciplinary team, they’ll complete a six month project that must result in statistically significant improvement to become certified LSS Green Belts. Through this unique immersion experience residents will understand the CVHP journey to high reliability, and realize their ongoing role in this journey.

Meet our Faculty

Tracey L. Norton, DO, FAAFP
Program Director
Family Medicine Residency

Maili Velez-Dalla Tor, MD, FAAFP
Associate Program Director
Family Medicine Residency

Chinhnam Hathuc, DO
Chief Medical Officer
East Valley Community Health Center

Anna Pavlov, PhD
Director, Behavioral Medicine
Family Medicine Residency

Director of Inpatient Services
Family Medicine Residency

Hamed Shalikar, MD
Director of Sports Medicine
Family Medicine Residency

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Meet our PGY-2 2017 Residents

Lulua Bahrainwala, MD

Frank Choe, DO

Thomas Chong, MD

Luis Garcia, MD

Mohammed Feroz Iqbal, MD

Benedicta Omoko, MD

Francisco Ordaz, MD

James Pearson, MD

Angel Pinachos, DO

Patrice Tully, MD

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